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Screw Refrigeration Compressor Package Unit

 Screw Refrigeration Compressor Package Unit

LG series screw refrigeration compressor is a new generation product which has been designed and developed for many years by Moon Group. It has obtained more than 10 independent intellectual rights and core technologies. This refrigeration compressor, which is widely applied in large and medium-sized refrigeration and air conditioning systems, can be used to compress and transport refrigerant gas for refrigeration, process cooling or air conditioning system.

Technical Parameters
Type Refrigerant Refrigerating Capacity(KW) Engine rated Power(KW)
High-temperature Condition Medium-temperature Condition Low-temperature Condition High-temperature Condition Medium-temperature Condition Low-temperature Condition
With economizer Without economizer
LG12B R717 316 174.8 62 51.7 65 65 55
R22 292 168.1 68.9 54.7
LG16BS R717 440 243.8 87.7 72.9 90 90 75
R22 406 243.1 97.9 76.8
LG16BM R717 692 383.5 137.4 114.9 132 132 110
R22 640 370 154 122.9
LG20BS R717 1000.4 555.2 200.5 166.8 185 185 160
R22 918.4 530.6 225.5 177.3
LG20BM R717 1399 743.4 269.2 225.3 250 250 200
R22 1225 709.9 298.2 238.6 220
LG25BS R717 2172 1207 442.9 369 450 400 315
R22 1996 1159 496.5 391.8
LG25BM R717 2731 1518 557.2 465.5 500 450 400/450
R22 2516 1462 621.1 495.4
LG25BL R717 3294 1834 674 564.1 630 560 450/500
R22 3044 1769 750 601.2 500
LG32BM R717 5168 2877 1059.9 885.1 1000 900 710/800
R22 4776 2776 1183.5 943.4
LG32BL R717 6177 3439 1268 1058 1120 1000 800/1000
R22 5708 1410 1410 1128

The advantages of Products
1. New design
The new linear design (bilateral asymmetric full arc enveloping line) is more suitable for grinding. The wire seal is changed to belt seal, so the oil film is covered evenly and there is no need to make up the residual clearance of the machining with sealing rib.

Both the return and supply air ducts adopt irregular wave mechanical noise reduction treatment, and the noise is obviously decreased.

The tooth pair of 5:6 is formed by optimizing tooth number combination, addendum modification coefficient, Kurtosis coefficient, length to diameter ratio, lead and twist angle.

Screw refrigeration compressor has a comprehensive array of models and a wide application.

2. High safety and reliability
The British JOHN mechanical seal has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and excellent sealing.

The Japan NSK high precision cryogenic bearing has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, high temperature resistance and high precision so as to ensure a long-term position of rotor accurately.

A new type of HT280 casting material has a high strength, low temperature resistance and helps the reduction of sulfur and phosphorus, which ensures a uniform thermal expansion of components and makes the compressor run safely and reliably for a long time.

Return air duct and supply air duct adopt irregular wave mechanical noise reduction treatment, and the noise is obviously decreased in a best-in-class level.

According to the international advanced oil separation principle, an extra-effective oil separator was designed with characteristics of folding plate impact, gravity settling, molecular sieve adsorption to make the oil efficiency up to 3-5ppm.

The patented rotor piston pump, stainless steel oil path, imported constant pressure valve, forced oil feeding and differential pressure oil feeding are all applied to ensure uninterrupted oil supply and constant oil pressure.

3. Advanced Operation
The controller adopts an industrial PLC (industrial computer) by Schneider in French. Compared with single-chip microcomputer, this controller has advantages including a faster running, a higher reliability, a stronger control and more conveniences, which realizes modularization, convenient networking and the first-class UI interface.

Manual and automatic operating system are combined together to make operation running safely.

4. Mechanical system
The layout of refrigeration parts is scientific and the piping layout is reasonable and concise.

The suction filter is separated from the compressor body to ensure that the working temperature is not disturbed and more stable.

The maintenance space is more abundant and convenient.

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