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Water Cooled Chiller

    1. Open Drive Water Cooled Screw ChillerLSLGF series screw water chiller can be applied for comfort air conditionings, which are mainly installed in hotels, canteens, theaters, shopping malls and hospitals, as well as industrial air-conditioning or process cold water machinery, textile, chemical.
    1. Semi-Hermetic Compressor Water Chiller UnitLSBLGF series semi-Hermetic Compressor Water Chiller Unit is a complete set of equipment to provide chilled water for air conditioning or industrial refrigerant. The motor adopts semi-Hermetic screw refrigeration compressor, and refrigerant is water.
    1. Evaporative Condensing Water Cooled ChillerLSBZ series screw water chiller is widely used in hotels, theaters, shopping malls, hospitals, large factories and other places requiring air conditioning or ice storage, and can also be used as a refrigerant host for various industrial processes.

Yantai Moon, mainly develop and manufacture industrial refrigeration equipment and commercial cooler since 1956, is a reliable water cooled screw chiller manufacturer, these chiller units can use screw refrigeration compressors in air conditioning and process cooling system. Besides the industrial and commercial refrigeration and chilling equipment, our company can provide complete refrigeration and cooling solutions covering the range of freezing, quick freeze, fresh preserving and so on.