Integrated Plate Freezer

 Integrated Plate Freezer

The integrated plate freezer is equipped with refrigerants, and it could be activated merely by connecting it to the power supply and cooling water. It is mainly applicable to fast freezing of aquatic products and meat products in food processing enterprises that has no or no enough refrigerants. Integrated plate freezer is mainly used for freezing meat, poultry, by-products and food that can be extruded or readily formable.

Technical Parameters
Type MPF-960Z MPF-1210Z MPF-1350Z MPF-1500Z
Refrigerating Capacity (Kg/h) 960 1210 1350 1500
Plate Size (mm) 1660×1260 1700×1418 2060×1260 2060×1260
Effective Number of Plates 8 11 9 10
Layer spacing (mm) 55~105
Refrigerating Energy Consumption (Kw) 25 40 36 40
Feeding Temperature (℃) +20℃
Power (Kw) 38.5 45.6 38.5 45.6
L×W×H (mm)
4050×1900×2650 4050×2020×3000 4350×1900×3000 4350×1900×3000
Weight (t) 3.2 4.7 3.9 4.5

1. Aluminum alloy evaporator adopts the world advanced welding equipment and technology, welding quality is good, deformation is small, freezing efficiency is high, corrosion resistance is good.
2. The container adopts polyurethane integral foaming technology, which has good heat preservation performance and small loss of cold capacity
3. The foaming device is imported from the HENNECK Company from Germany, with its foaming agent using environment friendly material R141B
4. Stainless steel materials are used for manufacturing the door hinge, handle and other standard parts inside the container. The corrosion resistance is good.
5. The refrigerant agent is made of stainless steel corrugated pipe, which is aging resistant and has good reliability.
6. The hydraulic component adopts imported parts, which has a good reliability.
7. The system process adopts single plate for liquid supply and gas returning. The flow is short, the resistance is small, the efficiency is high, the cooling and freezing speed is fast, and the defrosting is quick.
8. Double door open, easy to operate.

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