1. Compound Two-Stage Screw Compressor Package

      The compound two-stage screw compressor package features national patented rotor profile, John Crane shaft seal, and NSK high precision bearings for low temperature applications.

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    1. Open Drive Screw Brine Chiller

      Accepts R22 (Freon) /R717 (ammonia).
      Cooling power: 100KW~4700KW.
      Electric motor: Huali, Dongyuan, ABB, etc. Please specify the motor brand upon ordering.

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    1. Ammonia Condenser

      Specifications of the Ammonia Condenser.
      Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia) /R22(freon).
      Design Pressure: 2.0Mpa.

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    1. Stainless Steel Tube Aluminum Fin Air Cooler

      Evaporation area: Customized according to client-side demand.
      Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia) and R744(CO2).
      Installation methods: suspended mounting, floor standing.

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    1. Semi-Hermetic Parallel Screw Compressor Unit

      The semi-hermetic parallel screw compressor unit creatively maximizes the efficiency, flexibility and ease of installation of a refrigeration system.

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    1. Spiral Freezer

      The food freezer is perfect for freezing fried food, aquatic products, meat, prepared foods, etc. Especially, it is suitable for bulky materials that require relatively long freezing time.

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    1. Tunnel Freezer

      This quick freezing plant is designed to freeze dumplings, stuffed buns, packaged meat, etc. Applicable medium: R717 /R22 /R404A /R507C /R744 freezing medium.

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    1. Contact Plate Freezer

      Plate freezer with cold source.
      The plate freezer is a contact freezer specially designed to provide excellent freezing solution for aquatic foods packaged in dishes.

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    1. Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

      The centrifugal chiller system employs R134a eco-friendly working medium, efficient flooded evaporator and state of the art CCS Touch I control system.

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    1. Water-Cooled Hermetic Screw Chiller

      Multi sets of screw compressors in hermetic design share one refrigerating circuit.
      Compact design saves floor space.

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    1. Modular Air Handling Unit

      The modular air handler comes with extremely flexible design and its overall dimensions can be made to customers’ individual needs.

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    1. Screw Compressor Package (for MRC)

      Inlet pressure: -0.05~ 0.5MPa (G).
      Outlet pressure: 0.2~ 2.8MPa (G).
      Inlet temperature: -50℃ ~45℃.
      Volume flow: 385~ 2840m3/d.

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