Condensing Unit

    1. Open Drive Screw Compressor Condensing UnitAccording to the working conditions, open drive screw condensing unit can be divided into Z and D series. Z series machine can be widely applied in high temperature warehouse, or used as cold source in cooling system of pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.
    1. Water Cooled Condenser, Evaporative Condensing UnitBased on the long-term experience in designing screw condensing unit and the absorption of similar products at home and abroad, Moon Group designed a new generation of screw condensing unit, NJBF, NJBZF medium temperature series water cooled condensert.
    1. Water Cooled and Air Cooled Refrigeration Condensing UnitHigh temperature condensing units: NJZ2 /NJZ3 /NJZ4 /NJZ5 /NJZ6 /NJZ7 /NJZ9 /NJZ10 /NJZ12 /NJZ15 /NJZ20 /NJZ25 /NJZ30 /NJZ40 /NJZ50
      Low temperature condensing units: NJD2 /NJD3 /NJD4 /NJD5 /NJD6 /NJD9 /NJD12 /NJD14 /NJD18/23 /NJD28 /NJD34 /NJD44

Yantai Moon, mainly develop and manufacture industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment since 1956, a reliable condensing unit manufacturer, there are water cooled and air cooler condensers, using screw refrigeration compressors for air conditioning and water cooling. Besides the refrigeration and condensing equipment, our company can provide complete refrigeration and cooling solutions for freezing, quick freeze, fresh preserving, process cooling and air conditioning system.