A2 Refrigerated Tank

A2 refrigeration tank is quite suitable for medium- or large-size refrigeration equipment. Meanwhile, it enjoys a wide application, such as petrochemical, light industry, chemical, refrigeration, air conditioning, food refrigeration and many other fields.

    1. Refrigerant CondenserModel: LNL25~LNL450
      Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
      Heat exchange area: 25m2~450m2
    1. Liquid Chilling EvaporatorModels: ZFM30 /ZFM56 /ZFM90 /ZFM120 /ZFM160 /ZFM200 /ZFM250 /ZFM300 /ZFM360 /ZFM420 /ZFM600 /ZFM700 /ZFM800
      Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
      Heat exchanger area: 30m2~800m2
    1. Refrigerant Cooled IntercoolerModels
      ZQ I Series: ZQI2/ ZQI3.5/ ZQI5/ ZQI6.5/ ZQI8 / ZQI10/ ZQI12/ ZQI16/ ZQI20 / ZQI24
      ZQ II Series: ZQII2.5/ ZQII3.5/ ZQII4.5/ ZQII6
    1. Refrigerant EconomizerAccepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
      Heat exchanger area: 2.5m2~80m2
      Design pressure for shell: 1.4Mpa
    1. Refrigeration Oil SeparatorHigh Efficiency Oil Separator: YFL500G /YFL600G /YFL1000G /YFL1200G /YFL1400G /YFL1600G
      Purge Valve Oil Separator: YFL325XD /YFL400XD /YFL500XD /YFL600XD /YFL700XD /YFL1000XD
    1. Gas Liquid SeparatorModels: QFL400 /QFL500 /QFL600 /QFL800 /QFL1000 /QFL1200 /QFL1400 /QFL1600 /QFL1800 /QFL2000
      Models: QFW350 /QFW450 /QFW500 /QFW550 /QFW600 /QFW800 /QFW1000 /QFW1200 /QFW1600 /ZFW1800 /QFW2000
    1. Liquid Refrigerant Receiver TankModels: ZY0.5 /ZY1.0 /ZY1.5 /ZY2.5 /ZY3.5 /ZY5 /ZY8 /ZY10 /ZY15 /ZY20 /ZY30 /ZY40
      Models: HG0.5 /HG0.75 /HG1.0 /HG1.5 /HG2.5 /HG3.5
    1. Liquid Refrigerant Cold TrapLiquid Trap Models: ZY0.5 /ZY1.0 /ZY1.5 /ZY2.5 /ZY3.5 /ZY5
      Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
      Design pressure: 2.0Mpa
    1. Liquid Refrigerant Pump Receiver TankAmmonia receiver with pump unit: ZWB1.5 /ZWB2.5 /ZWB3.5 /ZWB5 /ZWB8 /ZWB12 /ZWB15
      Freon receiver with pump unit: ZWF1.5 /ZWF2.5 /ZWF3.5 /ZWF5 /ZWF8 /ZWF12 /ZWF15
    1. Refrigeration Air PurgerAir Purger Models: KF32/KF50
      The air purge system is designed to provide clean air to refrigeration system.
      Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
    1. Lubricating Oil CollectorOil Receiver Model: JY219/JY325/JY500
      The oil receiver is designed to stock the excessive oil in a refrigeration system.
      Design pressure: 2.0Mpa
    1. Liquid Ammonia DrainerThe emergency anomia drainer is a special style of liquid drainer, and is used when there is an accident to ammonia refrigeration equipment. It can be connected to liquid tanks, evaporators, and other containers which are filled with liquid ammonia.
    1. Refrigeration Heat Recovery UnitHeat Recovery Device Models: RHS15 /RHS30 /RHS60 /RHS80 /RHS100 /RHS120 /RHS160
      Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
      Shell pass design pressure: 2.0Mpa
Auxiliary refrigeration device Type model
Refrigerant condenser Vertical type LN Series
Horizontal type WNG Series
Refrigeration heat recovery unit
RHSG Series
Liquid chilling evaporator Vertical type LZL Series
Horizontal type WZ Series
DWZ Series
HZA Series
Refrigerant cooled intercooler
ZQ Series
ZL Series
Liquid receiver with Pump unit ZA Series
Refrigeration oil separator YFG Series
YFA Series
YF-TL Series
Lubricating oil collector DHY Series
JY Series
Liquid ammonia drainer AFA Series
Low pressure refrigerant circulation tank DXL Series
Ammonia receiver UZ Series
Refrigeration air purger ZDKF Series

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