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Process Gas Compressor Package Unit

    1. MRC Refrigeration Compressor Package UnitThe semi-hermetic screw compressor package not only boasts the advantages of open drive screw compressor such as high operational stability and efficiency, but it also features non leakage.
    1. Propane Precooling Compressor Package UnitHere's our screw compressor package designed for natural gas liquefaction process with propane pre-cooling option. The gas compressor package is provided with an open-drive screw compressor.

Yantai Moon, mainly develop and manufacture industrial refrigeration equipment and compressor since 1956. As a leading compressor manufacturer, the gas compressor package units including CBM compressor, natural gas compressor, methane compressor, boil off gas compressor and propane compressor, etc. As we have decades of experience, we can provide industrial refrigeration and air compression equipment, as well as complete solutions for customers.