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Quality Control

All Producing actions aim at the market so as to meet the needs of users and provide value-added services for customers.

The pursuit of "Always Endeavoring to Do Still Better" reflects our precise management thought and excellent service consciousness, and reflect the spirit of "no best, only better" and always pursuing a higher goal.

"One hundred percent" embodies the concept of "zero defect" and "once success". As long as one percent of the customers are not satisfied, it means that our work is not done well in one hundred percent, so we must continue to improve.

"Continuous improvement" shows we never satisfied, and our continuous learning and always chasing advancement, reflects our courage to deny ourselves, reform initiatively and constantly surpass ourselves, to make the work continuously improved, innovated and improved on the original basis and to form a healthy PDCA cycle and achieve sustainable development.

The Moon Group has a well-established environmental management system, perfect quality inspection system of and measurement ensurance. Moon Group is the first domestic company in the same profession to pass DNV ISO14001: 1996 Environment Management System Certification and obtain National Production License for 5 Units of Refrigeration Products. Moon Group has successively adopted GB/T19022 (IDT 10012) Metrology System Certification, ASME U certification for boilers and pressure vessels and DNV ISO14001: 1996 Environment Management System Certification.

The most precise machining provides accurate quality assurance for inspection
1) CNC machining centers from the United States, Germany and Japan.
2) The first domestic company to introduce world's top level Rotor Grinders from British HOLROYD company and German Klingelnberg company.
3) CNC punching machine from AMADA company of Japan.
4) XCEL122010 trilinear coordinates measuring instrument from American BROWSE&SHARP group.
5) 8 product performance test devices identified and issued by the National Compressor Refrigeration Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

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