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Service Tenet
The starting point is to identify customer needs.
The purpose is to meet customer needs.
We will continue to provide value-added services to customers.
Yantai moon adhere to the business philosophy that "Customers first and to create value for customers", focusing on the analysis and research of customer's demands and customer's value chain. We will provide optimal solutions for customers in the premise of energy saving, environmental protection and safety, and provide customers across-the-board service from design to system operation, to ensure that customers will achieve maximum output, the value-added service and economic benefit with minimal input.
The purchase of Moon Group products is to buy a commitment and service.

Services Available
Classification Services Service Note
Pre-sales Technology Consulting Provide refrigeration technology solutions including refrigeration, food processing, chemical, water and electricity, environmental technology and other aspects.
Technical Guidance Provide refrigeration technology and program design guidance according to the customer industry and production characteristics.
Project Design Design optimal program for customers according to the actual needs of customers, from the one-time investment, operating costs, service costs and others.
On-purchase Product Design and Production Tailor products for customers with identifying and implementing customer needs seriously.
Equipment Installation Guide the installation of refrigeration equipment and system according to the actual situation of the customers.
Device Debugging Make equipment achieve the best running state with free commissioning.
Technical Training Free training of refrigeration principle, equipment operation method and common problems treatment scheme
After Sales Quality Service Provide free maintenance and parts replacement service for product quality problems during warranty period
System Maintenance According to the system operation to design a maintenance program which can meet customer's demands.
System Upgrade Provide system upgrade service to customers according to technical development.
Equipment Maintenance Provide maintenance service for refrigeration equipment and system according to customer's requirements.
Spare Parts Supply Ensure the supply of main spare parts of Moon products to facilitate customers to repair and maintain equipment.

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