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Solution Flow Chart

For every project, Yantai Moon Group can provide across-the-board service with the core of project management. Yantai Moon Group continues to provide reliable service for the customers, from planning, design, equipment manufacturing, project construction, equipment installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, which is also the biggest advantage of the Moon Group when competed with many international refrigeration enterprises.

Moon Group considers that the core of the whole service is to create value for customers.

First, the service is more professional.
The Moon Group has state-level enterprise technical centers, Class-A design institute and professional qualification of mechanical and electrical installation, which can meet all kinds of engineering construction requirements from domestic or foreign customers. At the same time the Moon Group always stand in the position of customers, draw up a scientific and economic design according to the actual situation and the needs of customers, so that it can bring customers benefits above costs.

Second, service is more considerate.
In the long-term serving for all kinds of customers, the Moon Group has accumulated a lot of design and application experience, and it continues to integrate the experience into customer service. In this way we compensate for the customer's lacking in planning and application ability. Meanwhile, the Moon Group opened 7 * 24 hour service hotline, so that customers can get timely help and support.

Third, the service is more extensive.
With the further development of the refrigeration industry, Yantai Moon Group will involve itself in more businesses and provide more widely service for customers. The Moon group's service can be seen everywhere, from the commercial refrigeration to industrial refrigeration, from refrigeration equipment of food to the refrigeration equipment of chemical industry, hydropower, coal and cooling, from fresh fruits and vegetables to automatic storage, from the professional product sales to the entire project system integration.