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Refrigeration Compressor

    1. Screw Refrigeration Compressor Package Unit LG series screw refrigeration compressor is a new generation product which has been designed and developed for many years by Moon Group. It has obtained more than 10 independent intellectual rights and core technologies.
    1. Two Stage Screw Refrigeration Compressor Package UnitTwo stage screw refrigeration compressor package unit is a new type of high efficient screw compressor developed by Yantai Moon independently. There are five kinds of standard units, four open screw compressors and a semi-hermetic screw compressor.
    1. 17 Series Refrigeration Reciprocating Compressor The 17 series refrigeration reciprocating compressor adopts advanced processing methods, new technologies, new materials and improved design, and has been widely used in various fields of artificial refrigeration such as industry, agriculture, transportation, health care, scientific research.
    1. 12.5 Series Refrigeration Reciprocating CompressorThe newly developed 12.5 series refrigeration reciprocating compressor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, energy saving, high efficiency, low exhaust temperature and wide acceptable application temperature range.
    1. Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Reciprocating Compressor UnitThe semi hermetic parallel piston compressor unit is a system of semi hermetic piston compressors which are interconnected and work together. The parallel compressor system can maximize the energy efficiency when used in a refrigeration system.
    1. Semi-Hermetic Screw Refrigeration Compressor UnitIn addition to the parallel compressor system using semi hermetic screw compressor technology, we can also provide parallel systems of other compressor options. We welcome you to contact us directly for details.

Yantai Moon, mainly develop and manufacture refrigeration and cooling equipment since 1956, and as a reliable refrigeration compressor manufacturer, there are different types of industrial and commercial refrigeration compressor units, to provide compressed air for freezing, fresh preserving, process cooling and air conditioning system. Besides the refrigeration equipment, as we have got the patents, our company can provide complete refrigeration and cooling solutions for customers.