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Cold Storage Panel

    1. EPS Insulated PanelYantai Moon is outfitted with composite insulated panel production line and EPS insulated panel production line, which are also advanced production lines in global market.
    1. Metal Corrugated PanelYantai Moon has several metal corrugated panel production lines, which helps to produce different single-layer metal corrugated panels with diverse shapes, standards, and colors.
    1. Polyurethane Sandwich PanelNot only building construction fields, our polyurethane sandwich panel could also be installed in cool storage, grain depots, seed banks, gyms, shopping malls, seaside villas, and plants for diverse fields

Yantai Moon, mainly develop and manufacture industrial refrigeration and cooling equipment since 1956, provides cold storage panel for cold storage rooms. As a leading cold storage panel manufacturer, there are EPS insulated sandwich panel, polyurethane insulated panel, and corrugated sheet for the sandwich panels. As we have decades of experience, we can provide industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment, as well as complete refrigeration and cooling solutions for customers.