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Fresh Food Processing Machine Line

    1. Vegetable Processing Machine LineThe vegetable processing machine line can be widely used in blanching, washing, cooling and water filtration for various kinds of vegetables and fruits before individual quick freezing.
    1. Frozen Shrimp Processing Machine LineThe frozen shrimp processing machine line can be widely used to freeze shrimps of different sizes. The frozen processing machine line consists of the following processes: feeding, boiling - ice cooling - fabric vibration - quick freezing – ice coating - Second freezing.
    1. Fish Processing MachineFounded on pioneering technology developed abroad, this fish processing machine adopts stainless steel as its raw material, advanced production technology, reasonable structure, high working efficiency and small energy consumption.

Yantai Moon, mainly develop and manufacture industrial refrigeration equipment as well as fresh food processing equipment. Since 1956, as a leading food processing line manufacturer, there are washing, cooling, quick freezing, and packaging machines in production lines, for processing sea fish, shrimp, fruits and vegetables. As we have decades of experience, there are a wide range of industrial refrigeration and cooling equipment , as well as complete refrigeration and cooling solutions available for industrial cooking and food freezing purpose, our company can provide quality industrial refrigeration equipment and food process machines for customers.