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Food Quick Freezing Device

    1. Spiral FreezerThis spiral freezing device has two structures available: single spiral and double helix structure. With the spiral freezer, foods of various shapes and types could be frozen, such as seafood, meat products, poultry products, prepared foods.
    1. Tunnel FreezerThe plate freezers are mainly used for fast freezing meat, aquatic products, some fruits and vegetables; the net-belt freezer machine is mainly used for freezing prepared food, such as boiled dumplings, stuffed buns, glutinous rice balls, etc.
    1. Fluidized Tunnel FreezerFood fluidized tunnel freezing is a new technology, and it is an ideal method to achieve IQF (Individually Quick Freezing). Mainly suitable for freezing granular, flake, block and other foods, such as green beans, cowpea, eggplant, tomatoes, letinous edodes and other foods.
    1. Horizontal Plate FreezerUsing globally advanced welding equipment and technology, our aluminum plate has high quality, high frozen efficiency, good corrosion resistance and small deformation. The refrigerant hose is made of stainless steel corrugated pipe, which is anti-aging and reliable.
    1. Integrated Plate FreezerThe integrated plate freezer is equipped with refrigerants, and it could be activated merely by connecting it to the power supply and cooling water. It is mainly applicable to fast freezing of aquatic products and meat products in food processing enterprises.
    1. Rack Plate FreezerThe rack plate freezer is widely used for fast freezing of cut meat, aquatic products, poultry, prepared food and some fruits and vegetables. Stainless steel material is used for door hinge, handle and other standard parts in the container, which has good corrosion resistance.
    1. Condensing Rack Plate FreezerCondensing rack plate freezer is equipped with a condensing unit, and it could be activated by only connecting the power supply and cooling water. It is mainly applicable to the fast freezing of aquatic products, meat, poultry, prepared food, some fruits.
    1. Air Cooling Food FreezerAir cooling food freezer can be widely applied to the aquatic products and other foods' quick freezing, such as sashimi, chub mackerel, sardines, squid, fried fish, fish, shrimp, shellfish, clove Baozi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste etc.

Yantai Moon, mainly develop and manufacture food processing equipment as well as industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment. Since 1956, there are a wide range of industrial refrigeration and cooling equipment, provide quick freeze machine like spiral freezer, tunnel freezer, also have complete line for processing seafood and vegetables. Besides the refrigeration equipment and food freezing equipment, our company can provide complete refrigeration and cooling solutions for customers, applied for freeze and fresh preserving of food, fruits and vegetables.