Refrigerant Economizer

 Refrigerant Economizer

Models of Ammonia Economizer (Flash Tank Economizer)
JJM2.5 /JJM8 /JJM10 /JJM18 /JJM21 /JJM28 /JJM35 /JJM40 /JJM46 /JJM54 /JJM70 /JJM80

Specifications of the Ammonia Intercooler
Accepts refrigerant R717 (ammonia)
Heat exchanger area: 2.5m2~80m2
Design pressure for shell: 1.4Mpa
Design pressure for tube: 2.0Mpa

The ammonia two-stage economizer is typically used in a two-stage screw compressor to compensate for loss of gas as well as to super-cool liquids.

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