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Flake Ice Making Machine

 Flake Ice Making Machine

Flake ice making machine could be used in diverse fields, such as the transportation for fresh vegetables and seafood, refrigeration display case for supermarkets, fast-cooling for animal slaughtering industry, seafood processing and the long-term storage for fresh foods. Besides, it could also be found in dye manufacturing, the cooling for concrete products, saltwater fishing and etc.

Technical parameters
Model MFI 500 MFI 1000 MFI 1200 MFI 2000 MFI 4000 MFI 8000
Design ice making volume 500kg/day 1000kg/day 1200kg/day 2000kg/day 4000kg/day 8000kg/day
Necessary cooling capacity 2400kcal 4800kcal 5700kcal 9500kcal 19000kcal 37600kcal
Evaporation temperature -20℃ -20℃ -22℃ -22℃ -22℃ -22℃
Reduction drive power 0.18kw 0.25kw 0.25kw 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.55kw
Water pump power 0.025kw 0.025kw 0.025kw 0.03kw 0.03kw 0.25kw
Compressor power 2.5KW 3.5KW 4.2KW 5.8KW 11KW 22.5KW
Cooling tower water pump power - - - - 0.75KW 1.5KW
Cooling tower fan power 0.135KW 0.2KW 0.2KW 0.4KW 0.18KW 0.55KW
Net weight 170kg 200kg 240kg 390kg 1150kg 1650kg

1. Direct low-temperature ice making; Finished ice features a low temperature, which arrives to -8℃.
2. Finished ice features dry, clean, hygiene and convenient in use, eye-catching and not easy to form ice block.
3. Relatively large contact area and relatively good fluidity, allowing enough contact with frozen goods and good refrigeration effect.
4. Flake ice is soft and snow-like ice, generating no damage to the surface of frozen goods. It also features easy storage and transportation.
5. Quite suitable for fast cooling while not hurting the frozen goods;
6. Flake ice is thin slice-like ice. When compared with small ice blocks, our flake ice possesses a relatively large surface area in a certain unit. Therefore, it is quite suitable for fast cooling.
7. Flake ice could easily flow into the gaps between frozen goods, well reducing the heat exchange, and keeping the ice temperature at a certain level. Besides, good moisturizing effect could be achieved.

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