MRC Refrigeration Compressor Package Unit

 MRC Refrigeration Compressor Package Unit

The semi-hermetic screw compressor package not only boasts the advantages of open drive screw compressor such as high operational stability and efficiency, but it also features non leakage. So, it can effectively avoid the leakage of mixed refrigerant (MR) and thereby prevent the change of proportion. In this case, the mixed refrigerant compressor enables the refrigeration system to operate efficiently in a long time. In today's refrigeration industry, this refrigeration compressor is a perfect choice for the compression of MR and other non-azeotropic refrigerants.

Specifications of the Screw Compressor Package
Inlet pressure: -0.05~0.5MPa(G)
Outlet pressure: 0.2~2.8MPa(G)
Inlet temperature: -50℃~45℃
Volume flow: 385~2840m3/d
Flow regulation range: 10~100%
Flow regulation method: Slide valve or slide valve + frequency converter

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