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17 Series Refrigeration Reciprocating Compressor

 17 Series Refrigeration Reciprocating Compressor

The 17 series refrigeration reciprocating compressor adopts advanced processing methods, new technologies, new materials and improved design, and has been widely used in various fields of artificial refrigeration such as industry, agriculture, transportation, health care, scientific research.

Technical Parameters
Type Working Condition Refrigerant Refrigerating Capacity Compressor Electromotor
Number of Cylinders Capacity Control Electricity Parameters Power

kw PCS

4AV-17-90Z -15/+30 R717 255 4 0,1/2,1 Three-phase Electricity


4AV-17-132G +5/+40 558 132
6AW-17-132Z -15/+30 383 6 0,1/3,2/3,1 132
6AW-17-185G +5/+40 837 185
8AS-17-185Z -15/+30 510 8 0,1/4,2/4,3/4,1 185
8AS-17-250G +5/+40 1116 250
S6-17-90D -35/+35 100 High 2 Low 4 High Voltage 0,1 Low Voltage 0,1/2,1 90
S8-17-132D 162 High 2 Low 6 High Voltage 0,1 Low Voltage
S8-17ADF 110

1. The valve optimized by CAD has small resistance and long service life.
2. Advanced shaft seal structure and materials made the compressor reliable and durable.
3. The high pressure connecting rod roller bearing with cage has high accuracy and long service life.
4. The piston ring is made in a single casting process which ensures the elasticity not attenuated.
5. Cylinder liner is quenched in the condition of electric spark and high phosphorus, which enables good wear resistance.
6. The crankshaft checked through dynamic balance has good balance and small vibration.
7. Connected by elastic coupling, the machine has a high efficiency, energy saving and self-correcting centering function.
8. The energy regulating mechanism enables the unit to start without load and work with partly load, which saves much electricity.
9. Y series motors with high efficiency, energy saving, small size and light weight.
10. Perfect safety protection.

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