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Open Drive Water Cooled Screw Chiller

 Open Drive Water Cooled Screw Chiller

LSLGF series screw water chiller can be applied for comfort air conditionings, which are mainly installed in hotels, canteens, theaters, shopping malls and hospitals, as well as industrial air-conditioning or process cold water machinery, textile, chemical, instrumentation, electronics and other industries. The main engine adopts open screw refrigeration compressor with R22 as refrigerant.

Technical parameters
Type Refrigerant Refrigerating Capacity
Capacity Control% Power
Electricity Parameters
A series R22
3P 50HZ 380V
LSLGF290A 220 15~100 65
LSLGF580A 500 132
LSLGF1160A 1010 250
LSLGF2320A 2320 10~100 560 3P 50Hz
380V / 6kV / 10kV
M series
Manual Regulation
3P 50HZ 380V
LSLGF290M 220 15~100 65
LSLGF580M 500 132
LSLGF1160M 1010 250

1. The oil cooler and oil separator of the compressor unit are combined, and the oil cooling pipe adopts high efficiency heat exchange copper pipe with small volume.
2. The condenser and evaporator of the unit adopt high efficiency heat exchange tube, which has small size and light weight.
3. The compressor unit, condenser, evaporator and electric control box are installed on the same base, which allows a compact structure, beautiful appearance and small footprint.
4. The unit runs smoothly, safely and reliably, with small vibration and low noise.

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