Spiral Freezer

 Spiral Freezer

Applications of Spiral Freezer
This spiral freezing device has two structures available: single spiral and double helix structure. With the spiral freezer, foods of various shapes and types could be frozen, such as seafood, meat products, poultry products, prepared foods, pasta, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, ice cream etc. The spiral freezer allows both individual quick freezing and freezing with containers, all featuring high efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Technical parameters
Type Refrigerating Capacity (Kg/h) Refrigerating Time (min) Refrigerating Temperature (℃) Cold Consumption (Kw) Refrigerant Power (Kw) Size (mm)
LSSG-500 500 15~75 -35 90 R717/ R22 16 7200× 5400× 3000
LSSG-1000 1000 165 28 9000×6800×3400
LSSGD-500 500 110 21 8000×5800×3000 (Ⅰ)
12400×4000×3000 (Ⅱ)
LSSGD-750 750 20~90 140 23 9000×6500×3000 (Ⅰ)
13300×4600×3000 (Ⅱ)
LSSGD-1000 1000 170 30 10400×7200×3000 (Ⅰ)
14400×5400×3000 (Ⅱ)
LSSGD-1500 1500 240 40 10400×7200×3930 (Ⅰ)
14400×5400×3930 (Ⅱ)
LSSGD-2000 2000 320 47 11900×8100×3930 (Ⅰ)
16200×6000×3930 (Ⅱ)

1. The output figures listed in the chart above are calculated by the standard of raw frozen fried chicken nuggets, and the refrigerating capacity is calculated according to the +35 centigrade /-42 centigrade;
2. Except for the above model types listed, the manufacturing of products can be customized.

1. The stainless steel wire mesh belt, made of highly intense stainless steel springs, is manufactured by imported equipment, featuring excellent corrosion resistance and long life span.
2. The transmission mode adopts the unique slight tightening technology of DANTECH company, with speed reducer produced by SEW company in Germany. The tension of each point of the mesh conveyor belt is balanced, reducing its failure rate, and the life span of the mesh belt is enhanced.
3. The evaporator adopts a variable spacing structure for finned coil, can work continuously for long time; the cold wind blowing from the evaporator forms a uniform state, thereby ensuring the mesh belt has a uniform wind blowing from different directions, so the freezing is even and rapid, ensuring little weight loss for frozen products.
4. The main structure of the spiral freezer is made with double sided stainless steel panel and rigid polyurethane integral pressure foaming; the bottom plate adopts integral welding structure, featuring water resistance.
5. The control system adopts PLC control, human-computer interface, featuring easy operation; the touch screen can display the internal temperature, freezing time, and can dynamically indicate the status of the drum, fan, mesh belt and lighting conditions inside the storage; various parameters of the mechanical operation components are adjusted and displayed on the touch-screen; in emergency situations, the transmission mechanism can be locked, and alarm and display the reason and place of malfunction.

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